Shining Tribe tarot (deck & book) by Rachel Pollack

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Human beings have practiced the art of divination for millennia. In some cultures, diviners studied patterns in nature the flight of birds, the forms of clouds, or the arrangement of the stars in the night sky. In others, they created elaborate divinatory systems such as the I Ching and the Tarot. Drawing from the legacy of 50,000 years of human encounters with the Divine, Tarot scholar Rachel Pollack has created The Shining Tribe Tarot. The Shining Tribe Tarot cards are steeped in symbolism drawn from culturally diverse systems including Neolithic rock art, Native American and African shamanism, Aboriginal art, the Kabbalah, Jungian psychology, and the traditional Tarot. The accompanying book includes detailed descriptions of the origin and history of the symbols depicted on each card of this unique deck, as well as explanations of their meanings in divinatory spreads. The minor arcana is focused in nature, with the suits represented by stones, rivers, trees, and birds. You will learn how to read the cards for a variety of purposes, including divination, advice, and guidance along your own personal sacred journey. Lessons are also shared to gain insights into the nightly messages from your subconscious mind through dream readings and how to activate a card to bring its qualities into your everyday life. Includes 83 Cards and a 272 page full color guidebook.