About Me

Hi, I am the owner ,operator and creator behind Magic Under the Moonlight. I'm a practising witch, crafter, horror fanatic, wife, mom to a loving and sucky basset Hound, 3 amazing and stubborn cats, and our 4 month old son. Magic under the Moonlight was created  in 2015 as a way for me to get to do something I loved as well as make some extra money on the side when we as a family were struggling financially as I was trying to get my full time career up and going.
Now that my career is going strong I have time to give business a revamp this year and I have more time to focus on it. New products new crafts and just even a new look from when it started. I love what I do, and I equally love this business so I can't wait to spend more time working on it and bring you guys the high equality items I love and I am sure you will love to.