How to Meditate with Crystals by Jolie DeMarco

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This fabulous book includes thirty-three powerful meditations and in-depth discussions for dozens of individual crystals. For each meditation, Jolie shares the best high-vibe crystals to use and specific tips for setting your intention, opening the meditation, and expressing gratitude. The combination of crystals and meditation can improve your level of happiness and ignite success. How to Meditate with Crystals features helpful guided meditations, chakra and color meditations, meditations for manifesting love, meditations to connect with spirit guides or loved ones who have passed over, body movement meditations, and several others. Whether you're just beginning your practice or have been meditating for many years, this book will support your journey toward a more balanced, fulfilled, authentic, and spiritually connected version of yourself. A 5.98" x 8.9" Paperback book with 216 pages.