Book of Four Occult Philosophers (hc) by Harms & Aldarnay

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Over three centuries of pivotal magical development, four occult philosophers recorded charms, seals, talismans, and magical lore into a single book. Now, Daniel Harms makes this priceless volume accessible to all collectors and historians through his expert transcription, annotations, and translations of the English, Latin, and Welsh content. Preserving the red and black text of the original handwritten manuscript, The Book of Four Occult Philosophers reveals centuries' worth of secrets gathered by Robert Cross Smith (Raphael), Olivia Serres (Princess Olive), Thomas Harrington, and an unknown individual only identified as "W." Their compilation of magical operations contains historical spells and rituals alongside passages about fairies, astrology, numerology, demon conjuring, and more. Explore recipes to bind a spirit, attract a female familiar, make men appear in horns, and find the virtue of mandrakes. Featuring hundreds of illustrations replicated by S. Aldarnay, this compendium of ceremonial magic is the perfect addition to any collection of treasured occult works. 7.25 x 10.25 Hardcover